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Luxury Custom Home Lots For Sale In North Raleigh

Written by: Evan Bost    April 5th, 2024    Uncategorized    No Comments

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Looking to own a custom-built luxury home in the private wooded setting of North Raleigh? Discover our exclusive building sites for sale in North Raleigh’s Falls Lake Watershed area, all within gated estate home communities. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to reserve the perfect lot and start creating your dream home. The Perfect Location:…

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Graceful Right-Sizing

Written by: Evan Bost    November 21st, 2019    Home Design and Decor Mag Editorial    No Comments

Quality-over-quantity, one of my personal mantras, coupled with a tinge of minimalism has crept into the mainstream of custom home design. Single-use rooms and area-consuming specialty spaces are increasingly subject to the chopping block during plan design, as we progressively value space by the amount of time we spend occupying it, and the amount of…

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Emerging Tech In Construction

Written by: Evan Bost    October 21st, 2019    Home Design and Decor Mag Editorial    No Comments

As we approach a new decade, one which finally has a distinctive name (bring on the 20’s!), it is appropriate to look toward developing technologies promising major improvements in home construction. While some of these technologies have been buzzwords for several years, they have made great strides in recent months. Others within have resulted from…

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Deep Dive – Pool Design Ideas

Written by: Evan Bost    August 9th, 2019    Landscaping, Home Design and Decor Mag Editorial    No Comments

Summer swelter is here, and when the hot sun beams fourteen hours a day, what home amenity delivers more satisfaction than a backyard swimming pool? Pools provide relief from the heat,  entertainment and recreation, and a soothing ambiance of sight and sound. For our custom home clients who decide to include a pool, we assist…

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The Art And Science Of Estimating A Custom Home

Written by: Evan Bost    June 4th, 2019    Home Design and Decor Mag Editorial, custom homes    No Comments

Determining the total scope of work and estimating a price to build a custom home is a complex and tedious project. For that reason, accurate, comprehensive estimates do not happen overnight, and if they do buyer beware! Every home is an assembly of thousands of components that range from large engineered structures like I-joist floor…

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Introducing Destin

Written by: Evan Bost    March 21st, 2019    Home Design and Decor Mag Editorial    No Comments

Home ownership, the pinnacle of the American dream and personal investment, has changed. Due to societal, technological, and demographic shifts over the last couple decades, our time is now the most valuable and scarce resource we have, and maximizing it is a stressful challenge. With seemingly less free time than ever before, home and lawn…

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Timeless While On-Trend

Written by: Evan Bost    January 21st, 2019    Home Design and Decor Mag Editorial    No Comments

Contemporary home design has navigated a gamut of on-trend color themes, patterns, materials, and textures throughout the twenty teens. We have experienced a renaissance of niche ideas fueled by chic urban revitalization and economic expansion coinciding with the proliferation of design media and inspiration from around the world. Although the trends that have emerged are…

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Behind The Finish

Written by: Evan Bost    December 6th, 2018    Craftsmanship, Home Design and Decor Mag Editorial, Uncategorized, custom homes, interior design    No Comments

An extraordinary quality finish does not come inexpensively, and it’s not simply a matter of more talented tradesmen being paid more to execute the job. There are often layers of conscientious details that create the luxurious look and feel seen in quality custom homes. Many homeowners are surprised by the price that skilled tradesmen charge….

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Varying Effects: Rising Interest Rates

Written by: Evan Bost    November 2nd, 2018    Uncategorized    No Comments

The Federal Reserve raised the Fed Funds Rate 25 basis points to a range of 2.00 – 2.25 in September, thus the prime rate rose by a quarter percentage point to 5.25%. This increases returns for money market accounts, CDs, and newly issued bonds, but more importantly it raises the cost of borrowing. Recent guidance…

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Diligent Design-Build Planning

Written by: Evan Bost    September 25th, 2018    Home Design and Decor Mag Editorial, Uncategorized    No Comments

Building a custom home is typically the largest investment of time and money our clients ever make on a single endeavor. Start to finish, a truly custom home project can take anywhere from 8 months to two years or more depending on level of complication and preparedness. During homesite selection, design, and specification development, every…

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Fireside Edition

Written by: Evan Bost    August 20th, 2018    Home Design and Decor Mag Editorial    No Comments

As we head into Autumn and chilly breezes rustle colorful leaves loose from their branches, nothing conjures nostalgia quite like the smell and warmth of a burning fire. Fireplaces are a wonderful amenity for your home, offering warmth and comfort and serving as an eye-catching anchor to a room or outdoor space. Before choosing a…

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The Lodge at Avalaire – Vendor Spotlight #3: The Kitchen

Written by: Evan Bost    July 24th, 2018    Avalaire, trends, architecture, entertaining at home, Parade of Homes, Design/Build    No Comments

Upon turning the corner of the formal sitting room toward the great room of The Lodge, a vast open area draws you in with a sense of soft modern grandeur. Made possible by a web of steel beams and engineered I-joists, this inviting space is anchored by a chef’s grade kitchen with complete openness to…

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The Next Generation of Design & Construction Professionals

Written by: Evan Bost    July 9th, 2018    Uncategorized    No Comments

We’ve welcomed two summer interns into our team this year, both of which are passionate about careers in residential construction. Meet Aidan Jeffs, a 19 year old student at Appalachian State University pursuing a Construction Management Degree, currently accruing hands-on experience as an assistant to Project Managers Grant Dickens and Brad Nealy. Aidan’s connection to…

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Green Certifications Fetch Higher Home Sales

Written by: Evan Bost    April 25th, 2018    Home Design and Decor Mag Editorial, green building, energy efficient home    No Comments

Riddle me this: How do increasingly strict energy codes increase the risk of indoor air pollution and mold? It seems logical that higher efficiency appliances, lighting, and HVAC systems would be constructed with less harmful materials than their predecessors, and that HVAC air filtering/ventilation features would only be improving, so why the increased risk? The…

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The Lodge at Avalaire Featured on the Triangle Wide Green Home Tour

Written by: Evan Bost    March 15th, 2018    Avalaire, Healthy Home, green building, energy efficient home, FreeRain    No Comments

Did you miss the chance to tour our 2017 Parade Home back in October? Want to tour it while learning about the green features in the home? If yes, mark your calendars for the weekends of April 28th and May 5th for the Spring Green Home Tour!  The free, self-guided tour will feature homes across the Triangle that meet…

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Planning A Landscaping Project

Written by: Evan Bost    March 6th, 2018    Landscaping, Home Design and Decor Mag Editorial    No Comments

Violet and crimson bursts of tulip magnolias and eastern redbud trees in early spring stirs a renewed awareness of our yards and landscapes, as new life emerges from several months of dormancy.  Naturally, many of us are beginning to plan, or have been planning, landscape projects to improve curb appeal and livability for the coming…

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The Lodge at Avalaire – Vendor Spotlight #2: Upon First Entrance

Written by: Evan Bost    February 22nd, 2018    Avalaire    No Comments

For the second installment of The Lodge at Avalaire Vendor Spotlight we’re going to focus on critical partners that helped create a grand entrance for those stepping into the home. The entry door appears to be a pair of mahogany French doors, however looks can be deceiving. For ease of maintenance and energy efficiency performance…

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Repost: Technology Treasure Trove as seen in Home Design & Decor Mag

Written by: Evan Bost    December 7th, 2017    Avalaire    No Comments

Close your eyes and think of a heavenly retreat. For some, the Grove Park Inn in Asheville may come to mind. For many recent Triangle Parade of Homes attendees, that luxurious landmark is a fitting comparison for Bost Custom Homes’ newest showcase house – The Lodge at Avalaire. Rex Bost and his multi-disciplinary team built…

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Attending the National Custom Builders Council 2017 Meeting

Written by: Evan Bost    November 14th, 2017    National Custom Builders Council, construction, architecture, custom homes    No Comments

Bost Custom Homes is a member organization of a niche trade group called the National Custom Builders Council which comprises about two dozen luxury custom builders from across the country. Unlike large trade groups where members easily get lost in the shuffle, NCBC members share in an intimate experience of trusted relationships and best practice sharing…

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As Seen in Home Design | Decor Mag: Indoor Air Quality

Written by: Evan Bost    November 13th, 2017    Healthy Home, Home Design and Decor Mag Editorial, green building, custom homes    No Comments

This blog post is a contributed editorial featured in the Triangle Home Design and Decor Magazine December/January edition.  A frequently circulated statistic in the healthy home industry states that the average American spends 90% of their life indoors. A study conducted by the EPA in the early 90’s revealed that respondents spent 87% of their…

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Upscale Downsizer In Carolina Crossings

Written by: Evan Bost    September 19th, 2017    Home Design and Decor Mag Editorial    No Comments

Every day more than 10,000 Americans turn 65, and this statistic will hold true throughout the next decade. With this growth in the empty nester demographic comes demand for smaller residential footprints that require less maintenance, waste less space, and offer easier mobility. However, many discerning home buyers that have lived in custom homes in…

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Parade of Homes 2017

Written by: Evan Bost    September 6th, 2017    Parade of Homes    No Comments

It’s the most exciting time of the year for the Triangle’s new home market; the countdown to the Triangle Parade of Homes. The annual Triangle Parade of Homes, N.C.’s largest open house presented by the Home Builders Association of Raleigh–Wake County and the Home Builders Association of Durham, Orange and Chatham Counties, runs September 30…

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A Flurry of Activity: Carolina Crossings

Written by: Evan Bost    August 8th, 2017    custom homes    No Comments

When we first saw Carolina Crossings in forthcoming West Cary we knew that it was going to be a special neighborhood providing a picturesque setting for families to realize their custom home goals. With wooded homesites ranging from 2 – 7 acres, privacy and communion with nature are a central part of what makes Carolina Crossings…

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Seeing is Believing: 3D Drawings and Renderings

Written by: Evan Bost    July 18th, 2017    Virtual Reality, Home Design and Decor Mag Editorial, architecture, technology, Design/Build    No Comments

Our brains, although incomprehensibly complex and powerful, are not particularly adept at visualizing three dimensional spaces before seeing them. Reasonably so, as visual processing accounts for two-thirds of the electrical activity in the brain. Whether it’s translating from a map to the streets or from a construction plan to a house, most of us must…

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Northern Wake Fire Dept. Trains at Avalaire

Written by: Evan Bost    July 17th, 2017    Avalaire, Uncategorized    No Comments

It was our pleasure to welcome members of the newly formed Northern Wake Fire Department, NC’s largest combination fire department, to our construction site at The Lodge at Avalaire recently for a rare training experience. The former Bay Leaf Volunteer F.D. and Stony Hill Rural F.D. have merged, forming the Northern Wake F.D. with the…

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Parade of Homes, Meet The Lodge at Avalaire

Written by: Evan Bost    July 13th, 2017    Avalaire, Uncategorized, entertaining at home, technology, Parade of Homes    No Comments

The Lodge at Avalaire Progress on The Lodge at Avalaire is barreling toward the September 29th Parade of Homes judging day, upon which the 7,000 sq. ft. home will have first eyes laid on it as a finished, furnished, and polished High Country Craftsman estate. A visit to the site located at 5105 Avalaire Oaks…

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Bost Homes Joins Builder Team for Habitat for Humanity Builders Blitz

Written by: Evan Bost    June 14th, 2017    Habitat for Humanity, Charity Work    No Comments

Habitat for Humanity’s Builders Blitz is a bold initiative that remedies a portion of the affordable housing crises in our communities across the country. The blitz began in 2002 here in Wake County, NC, when local home builder Tom Gibson recruited 12 builders to build 12 houses in a week for Habitat. The inaugural builders…

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Repost: The Shift from “Downsizing” to “Rightsizing”

Written by: Evan Bost    May 30th, 2017    Avalaire, custom homes, Design/Build    No Comments

With the current seller’s market and home inventory at an all-time low, there is no better time than now to consider building your fully-custom dream home. Let the elegance of Avalaire, home to the Triangle’s newest premier destination for luxury living, inspire you to build the home that is perfectly constructed to match your family’s lifestyle….

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A Labor of Love – Building Casa Lucca

Written by: Evan Bost    May 26th, 2017    Home Design and Decor Mag Editorial, Masonry Construction / Concrete, energy efficient home, architecture, reclaimed / recycled materials, recycled materials, FreeRain, Concrete Masonry, Concrete Masonry Design, Parade of Homes    No Comments

Winemaking – an artisanal tradition entwined with thousands of years of history.  In old-world regions such as Bordeaux, the Rhone Valley, and Tuscany, many vineyards have been operated by the same family for dozens of generations. In these traditional wine regions, winemakers pass down their love of viticulture to their children, along with their heirloom…

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Repost: Eco-friendly Home Building Infographic by Donald Gardner Architects

Written by: Evan Bost    May 22nd, 2017    Uncategorized    No Comments

We thought it was interesting that an architect produced a publication outlining crucial elements to think about when designing a high performance home. This shows the changing landscape in the building and design industry, that different areas of expertise in residential construction are synthesizing, assembling a more complete pool of knowledge to be shared across trades. Although the architect…

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Triangle Business Journal’s 2016 RRE Awards – Top Green Builder: Bost Custom Homes

Written by: Evan Bost    May 1st, 2017    Awards & Honors, Raleigh Custom Homes, green building, energy efficient home, construction    No Comments

Repost from the Triangle Business Journal Top Green Builder: Bost Custom Homes Top Triangle executive: Rex Bost Top executive’s title: President No. of Triangle employees: Eight Number of units sold in the Triangle in 2016: Seven Describe your company’s accomplishments in 2016. We broke ground on our first spec home since 2007 in Carolina Crossings…

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Building more than Homes

Written by: Evan Bost    April 5th, 2017    Uncategorized    No Comments

When we’re not busy designing a new dream home, implementing a change order for a client, or researching supreme building techniques and products, you may find us in a team building activity or raising money for a local charitable organization. Within the last month we’ve participated in a number of fun and philanthropic activities worth noting – here’s a…

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Spring Update: The Bustle at Bost Custom Homes

Written by: Evan Bost    March 22nd, 2017    Raleigh Custom Homes, construction, architecture, North Carolina Builder    No Comments

Now that we have crossed the vernal equinox and spring is upon us, we’re reflecting on the busiest winter we’ve had in years while looking ahead to a lively summer.  The holiday season was an eventful one as we wrapped up three homes for three wonderful clients across the month of December and took some…

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Family Meets Growing Needs while building Custom Home in Raleigh

Written by: Evan Bost    March 17th, 2017    Home Design and Decor Mag Editorial, custom homes, interior design, Testimonial    No Comments

What does it mean to live in a truly custom home? For Tony and Lesley Biller and family the answer is not measured in the number of flooring options, window styles, or even plan revisions they reviewed throughout the process. Their story is much more impactful and intangible. The Billers initially met with Bost Custom…

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Our Most Energy Efficient, Modern Home To Date

Written by: Evan Bost    March 1st, 2017    Home Design and Decor Mag Editorial, energy efficient home    No Comments

For nearly two decades, Scott Berkowitz and Ruth Ewing Berkowitz knew they would retire in the Durham-Chapel Hill area. The couple resided here when Scott was a professor at Duke University during the ‘90s, and their children have always called the Triangle home. In 2014, the time came to look at properties for relocation in the area, and the initial thought was to…

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Rex receives prestigious Judy Richardson Lifetime Achievement Award

Written by: Evan Bost    October 31st, 2016    Awards & Honors    No Comments

2016 has been an explosive year for the Triangle residential market thus far. Economic and population growth has spurred housing demand, which resembles pre-recession levels. This was evidenced further by the number of entries in this year’s Triangle Parade of Homes. Although Bost Homes did not have a Parade Home entry this year, we attended the awards banquet…

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