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New Paradigms in Lighting

Written by: Bost Homes    July 22nd, 2016    Uncategorized, custom homes, residential construction, interior design, Home Improvement / DIY    No Comments

Contemporary lighting design of late has disruptively changed the way we can illuminate our homes. The rapid expansion of LED and fiber optic technology has unveiled new possibilities, allowing multiple layers and types of light sources to be placed where traditionally a unidimensional approach would have been the norm.

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Craftsman Custom Home in Raleigh-Durham

Written by: Bost Homes    July 13th, 2016    Uncategorized    No Comments

Seven years after completion we visited our previous clients, the Duncan’s, to hear about their experience living in a Bost Custom Home and tour their house now that it has years of invested love. In this video Rex and Jim reflect on the design process and how the client’s lifestyle determined the design, functionality, and comfort of the home.

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