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Graceful Right-Sizing

Written by: Evan Bost    November 21st, 2019    Home Design and Decor Mag Editorial    No Comments

Quality-over-quantity, one of my personal mantras, coupled with a tinge of minimalism has crept into the mainstream of custom home design. Single-use rooms and area-consuming specialty spaces are increasingly subject to the chopping block during plan design, as we progressively value space by the amount of time we spend occupying it, and the amount of…

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Emerging Tech In Construction

Written by: Evan Bost    October 21st, 2019    Home Design and Decor Mag Editorial    No Comments

As we approach a new decade, one which finally has a distinctive name (bring on the 20’s!), it is appropriate to look toward developing technologies promising major improvements in home construction. While some of these technologies have been buzzwords for several years, they have made great strides in recent months. Others within have resulted from…

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Deep Dive – Pool Design Ideas

Written by: Evan Bost    August 9th, 2019    Landscaping, Home Design and Decor Mag Editorial    No Comments

Summer swelter is here, and when the hot sun beams fourteen hours a day, what home amenity delivers more satisfaction than a backyard swimming pool? Pools provide relief from the heat,  entertainment and recreation, and a soothing ambiance of sight and sound. For our custom home clients who decide to include a pool, we assist…

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The Art And Science Of Estimating A Custom Home

Written by: Evan Bost    June 4th, 2019    Home Design and Decor Mag Editorial, custom homes    No Comments

Determining the total scope of work and estimating a price to build a custom home is a complex and tedious project. For that reason, accurate, comprehensive estimates do not happen overnight, and if they do buyer beware! Every home is an assembly of thousands of components that range from large engineered structures like I-joist floor…

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