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What were our Founding Fathers’ Homes Like?

Written by: Bost Homes    June 28th, 2016    architecture, custom homes, residential construction, Home Improvement / DIY, home and garden    No Comments

British, French, Dutch, and German colonists brought to the New World their traditional architectural styles and building techniques, adapting them to the varying climates and native materials of the east coast. The results were practical and quintessential American homes, some of which are still standing. As our nation developed and prospered, so did our architecture. Let’s reflect on the establishment of our nation by celebrating the style of home our founding fathers might have lived in.

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3 Aesthetic Ways to Implement Food Gardens at your Home

Written by: Bost Homes    March 28th, 2016    Home Improvement / DIY, home and garden    No Comments

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, warm weather arrived early this year, well before the first day of spring. The warmth has summoned new buds on deciduous trees and shrubs, the blooms of which are rapidly coloring the barren winter landscape of the last four months. I’m sure your lawn is happy about the increased sunlight…

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