Contemporary home design has navigated a gamut of on-trend color themes, patterns, materials, and textures throughout the twenty teens. We have experienced a renaissance of niche ideas fueled by chic urban revitalization and economic expansion coinciding with the proliferation of design media and inspiration from around the world. Although the trends that have emerged are in most cases beautiful in form, function, and aesthetics, they pose the dilemma of being characterized in this era’s design language, with difficulty adapting to changing tastes in future. How can we design spaces utilizing the best of current trends while remaining flexible for reinterpretation? Consider the following timeless design tips.

Natural materials are timeless. Utilize high-quality natural materials like stone, wood, leather, glass, and linen to create a cozy, classic look. These materials never go out of style and they typically patina with age adding to the charm and timeless appeal. However, the finish can echo a specific era, so it’s important to keep this in mind when selecting the application. For example, many homes built in the early to mid-2000’s have deep red stained Brazilian cherry cabinets and hardwood floors that are now being replaced or refinished in more neutral wood finishes.

Use décor pieces and fixtures to accentuate trending colors. Rugs, lamps, art, and furniture can convey the latest palette without suggesting major renovation in the future. Lighting fixtures are easy to swap out, so consider using pendants, sconces, and ceiling fans to remain on trend with the expectation that these can be replaced if needed.

Consider textures over patterns. Especially in wallpaper and tile, patterns have made a big splash on the back half of the decade. Although attractive, bold patterns may look dated in another decade and beckon “updating”. Textures, especially those resulting from natural materials, tend to have much more staying power. Grass cloth wallpaper or a jute rug will add warmth and subdued complexity to a room without falling victim to the winds of trends.

Clean lines are timeless. Not to be completely equated with modern design, clean lines can be applied to almost any style. Ornate details and trim profiles are more obtrusive to a space, while straighter lines and profiles are flexible to be interpreted in various styles. Modern interiors often lean toward cold, stiff environments that don’t radiate coziness. However, it’s totally doable to achieve both coziness and clean design.

Above all, choose your tastes. Trends and timeless design are both important considerations, but not at the expense of living in a home that doesn’t completely reflect you. Bost Custom Homes includes professional design consultation to assist our clients in navigating the many decisions that are made when design-building a custom home. Every Bost Home is a work of livable art brought to life by the vision of our clients and the execution of our design and construction professionals. Visit our website for a portfolio of our work at