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Entertaining At Home

Written by: Bost Homes    July 18th, 2005    entertaining at home, home entertainment    No Comments

News & Observer, By Christa Gala Bill Leland and Sara Lundin are heartbroken. They’ve spent more than two years remodeling their home near Cary, and now it’s on the market. A great career opportunity for Lundin is taking the couple to New Jersey. But York Simpson Underwood REALTOR Jodi Bakst, of Chapel Hill, is thrilled. She…

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Made To Order

Written by: Bost Homes    July 1st, 2005    construction, architecture, custom homes, residential construction, interior design, News & Observer    No Comments

News & Observer, By Christa Gala If you’ve got any age on you at all, you probably grew up in a home where you shared a bedroom with a sibling—or a bathroom at least. Maybe you remember being shushed during a phone call while the family watched television in the den. These days, however, some homeowners…

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