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The Art And Science Of Estimating A Custom Home

Written by: Evan Bost    June 4th, 2019    Home Design and Decor Mag Editorial, custom homes    No Comments

Determining the total scope of work and estimating a price to build a custom home is a complex and tedious project. For that reason, accurate, comprehensive estimates do not happen overnight, and if they do buyer beware! Every home is an assembly of thousands of components that range from large engineered structures like I-joist floor…

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Behind The Finish

Written by: Evan Bost    December 6th, 2018    Craftsmanship, Home Design and Decor Mag Editorial, Uncategorized, custom homes, interior design    No Comments

An extraordinary quality finish does not come inexpensively, and it’s not simply a matter of more talented tradesmen being paid more to execute the job. There are often layers of conscientious details that create the luxurious look and feel seen in quality custom homes. Many homeowners are surprised by the price that skilled tradesmen charge….

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Attending the National Custom Builders Council 2017 Meeting

Written by: Evan Bost    November 14th, 2017    National Custom Builders Council, construction, architecture, custom homes    No Comments

Bost Custom Homes is a member organization of a niche trade group called the National Custom Builders Council which comprises about two dozen luxury custom builders from across the country. Unlike large trade groups where members easily get lost in the shuffle, NCBC members share in an intimate experience of trusted relationships and best practice sharing…

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As Seen in Home Design | Decor Mag: Indoor Air Quality

Written by: Evan Bost    November 13th, 2017    Healthy Home, Home Design and Decor Mag Editorial, green building, custom homes    No Comments

This blog post is a contributed editorial featured in the Triangle Home Design and Decor Magazine December/January edition.  A frequently circulated statistic in the healthy home industry states that the average American spends 90% of their life indoors. A study conducted by the EPA in the early 90’s revealed that respondents spent 87% of their…

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A Flurry of Activity: Carolina Crossings

Written by: Evan Bost    August 8th, 2017    custom homes    No Comments

When we first saw Carolina Crossings in forthcoming West Cary we knew that it was going to be a special neighborhood providing a picturesque setting for families to realize their custom home goals. With wooded homesites ranging from 2 – 7 acres, privacy and communion with nature are a central part of what makes Carolina Crossings…

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Repost: The Shift from “Downsizing” to “Rightsizing”

Written by: Evan Bost    May 30th, 2017    Avalaire, custom homes, Design/Build    No Comments

With the current seller’s market and home inventory at an all-time low, there is no better time than now to consider building your fully-custom dream home. Let the elegance of Avalaire, home to the Triangle’s newest premier destination for luxury living, inspire you to build the home that is perfectly constructed to match your family’s lifestyle….

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Family Meets Growing Needs while building Custom Home in Raleigh

Written by: Evan Bost    March 17th, 2017    Home Design and Decor Mag Editorial, custom homes, interior design, Testimonial    No Comments

What does it mean to live in a truly custom home? For Tony and Lesley Biller and family the answer is not measured in the number of flooring options, window styles, or even plan revisions they reviewed throughout the process. Their story is much more impactful and intangible. The Billers initially met with Bost Custom…

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New Paradigms in Lighting

Written by: Bost Homes    July 22nd, 2016    Uncategorized, custom homes, residential construction, interior design, Home Improvement / DIY    No Comments

Contemporary lighting design of late has disruptively changed the way we can illuminate our homes. The rapid expansion of LED and fiber optic technology has unveiled new possibilities, allowing multiple layers and types of light sources to be placed where traditionally a unidimensional approach would have been the norm.

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What were our Founding Fathers’ Homes Like?

Written by: Bost Homes    June 28th, 2016    architecture, custom homes, residential construction, Home Improvement / DIY, home and garden    No Comments

British, French, Dutch, and German colonists brought to the New World their traditional architectural styles and building techniques, adapting them to the varying climates and native materials of the east coast. The results were practical and quintessential American homes, some of which are still standing. As our nation developed and prospered, so did our architecture. Let’s reflect on the establishment of our nation by celebrating the style of home our founding fathers might have lived in.

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Casa Lucca

Written by: Bost Homes    May 28th, 2007    construction, custom homes, residential construction, interior design    No Comments

Casa Lucca, Bost Custom Homes’ 7,871-square-foot lakeside estate home in Youngsville, has a large footprint. Fortunately, that footprint is green like its surrounding Hidden Lake community, developed in an ecologically sustainable manner by Crescent Communities with advice from Audubon International. During a recent visit to the stone-and-stucco Tuscan villa, builder Rex Bost pointed out several…

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The Meredith

Written by: Bost Homes    April 26th, 2007    green building, construction, architecture, custom homes, residential construction, interior design    No Comments

LIVING IN A GREEN HOME SHOULD MAKE EVERYONE FEEL GOOD, BUT A HEALTHY HOUSE IS A MUST FOR PERSONS WITH ASTHMA AND ALLERGIES.  That’s why building The Meredith, a 2001 Parade house in Durham’s Treyburn golf course community, was a labor of love for its builder, Michele Meyers, who started building green because of severe…

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Truly Tuscan – Casa Lucca The Showcase For A Cure Home

Written by: Bost Homes    April 23rd, 2007    green building, energy efficient home, construction, architecture, custom homes, residential construction, interior design    No Comments

By Kelly McCall Branson HIDDEN LAKE RETREAT The 2007 Showcase for a Cure home accomplishes its mission on so many dimensions. The Casa Lucca was designed as a showcase to increase awareness about blood-related cancers and to raise funds to aid in the research and treatment of these diseases. And this Hidden Lake waterfront Tuscan…

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Made To Order

Written by: Bost Homes    July 1st, 2005    construction, architecture, custom homes, residential construction, interior design, News & Observer    No Comments

News & Observer, By Christa Gala If you’ve got any age on you at all, you probably grew up in a home where you shared a bedroom with a sibling—or a bathroom at least. Maybe you remember being shushed during a phone call while the family watched television in the den. These days, however, some homeowners…

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Custom Concrete Masonry Construction

Written by: Bost Homes    June 3rd, 2005    green building, energy efficient home, architecture, custom homes    No Comments

June 2005, By Rex A. Bost ENERGY EFFICIENCY AND WEATHER RESISTANCE MAKE CMUS DESIRABLE FOR HOMEBUILDING Huddled on the den floor with my family all night while Hurricane Fran’s eye passed 10 miles to the south of our central North Carolina home, I had time to re-think the way we build custom homes. I had frequently…

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Putting ‘Thought’ Into Houses

Written by: Bost Homes    July 20th, 1999    custom homes, residential construction, interior design, News & Observer    No Comments

The News & Observer, By Carlene Hempel In their 23 years of combined experience as real-estate brokers, Laura Bates and Joanna Scales have never had to sell a house quite like this. From the outside, the 6,200-square-foot, washed-brick traditional on Hidden Field Lane in New Hill looks like any other mansion. But open the front door,…

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