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Reclaimed Treasures

Written by: Bost Homes    October 15th, 2006    green building, News & Observer, reclaimed / recycled materials, recycled materials    No Comments

News & Observer, By Emily Matchar “In this fast-paced world we live in, where everything can feel so superficial sometimes, I think people begin to long for things from the past,” said Rex Bost, striding through the basement of his almost-finished home in Morrisville’s Preston golf community. As a builder with more than 23 years experience…

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Made To Order

Written by: Bost Homes    July 1st, 2005    architecture, construction, custom homes, interior design, News & Observer, residential construction    No Comments

News & Observer, By Christa Gala If you’ve got any age on you at all, you probably grew up in a home where you shared a bedroom with a sibling—or a bathroom at least. Maybe you remember being shushed during a phone call while the family watched television in the den. These days, however, some homeowners…

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Mood Lighting

Written by: Bost Homes    April 24th, 2005    indoor / outdoor lighting, News & Observer    No Comments

The News & Observer, By Iris June Vinegar HAVE YOU NOTICED A CHANGE IN YOUR ATTITUDE DURING THE LAST FEW WEEKS? Gone is the depressing, lethargic mood that clung during the long dark winter and made it tough to get up and face the world each morning. Known to therapists as seasonal affective disorder (SAD), aka…

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Safe And Sound

Written by: Bost Homes    March 23rd, 2004    News & Observer, Security Systems    No Comments

News & Observer, By Iris June Vinegar ELABORATE SECURITY SYSTEMS ARE READILY AVAILABLE IN TODAY’S NEW HOMES You’re alone in the kitchen and have just poured a Pinot Noire into the coq au vin sauce when an authoritative voice announces in perfect diction that someone is at the door. Is that Reeves, the butler speaking? Certainly…

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Getting Organized For The Next 1000 Years

Written by: Bost Homes    January 27th, 2001    construction, energy efficient home, green building, Innovative Solutions, News & Observer, technology    No Comments

The News & Observer, By Denise Quinlan 01/01/00 oh my! You’re living in a new millennium and your resolve is high! You’ve made those lists of resolutions and you’ve checked them twice. You’re determined to not muddle through the next century the way you did the last decade or two, and way at the top of…

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Homes On Parade Are Stronger, Spiffier, Safer And Ready For Tomorrow

Written by: Bost Homes    October 1st, 1999    News & Observer, Parade of Homes    No Comments

The News & Observer, By Iris June Vinegar PARADE #281, THE ROCK- $1,380,000 Dan and Dee Miller didn’t set out to buy a concrete masonry house; they merely wanted an attractive well-built home that could accommodate their growing family. But the couple fell in love with The Rock and bought the three-story stucco and fieldstone transitional…

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Putting ‘Thought’ Into Houses

Written by: Bost Homes    July 20th, 1999    custom homes, interior design, News & Observer, residential construction    No Comments

The News & Observer, By Carlene Hempel In their 23 years of combined experience as real-estate brokers, Laura Bates and Joanna Scales have never had to sell a house quite like this. From the outside, the 6,200-square-foot, washed-brick traditional on Hidden Field Lane in New Hill looks like any other mansion. But open the front door,…

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Bost Wins Chrysalis Award

Written by: Bost Homes    July 28th, 1998    News & Observer, Remodel, Whole House Renovation    No Comments

The News & Observer Rex Bost of Bost Construction Co. Inc. was honored at the fifth annual “Remodelers and Chrysalis Awards Luncheon” in Atlanta, Ga. The Chrysalis awards are a competition among contractors in the South, from Maryland to Florida. The Chrysalis award was created to recognize builders for excellence in remodeling projects in a…

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Fine Details Make The Home

Written by: Bost Homes    August 26th, 1993    Innovative Solutions, interior design, News & Observer    No Comments

The News & Observer This magnificent former Parade home, custom built by Rex Bost in 1993, is masterful in design and detail. The flooring on both levels consists of ¾-inch red oak, imported Italian ceramic tile, or 12-inch marble. There is not a stitch of carpet! Corian countertops complement the finely crafted maple cabinetry in…

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