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A Labor of Love – Building Casa Lucca

Written by: Evan Bost    May 26th, 2017    Home Design and Decor Mag Editorial, Masonry Construction / Concrete, energy efficient home, architecture, reclaimed / recycled materials, recycled materials, FreeRain, Concrete Masonry, Concrete Masonry Design, Parade of Homes    No Comments

Winemaking – an artisanal tradition entwined with thousands of years of history.  In old-world regions such as Bordeaux, the Rhone Valley, and Tuscany, many vineyards have been operated by the same family for dozens of generations. In these traditional wine regions, winemakers pass down their love of viticulture to their children, along with their heirloom…

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The House That Block Built

Written by: Bost Homes    May 26th, 2002    Concrete Masonry, Concrete Masonry Design    No Comments

Concrete Masonry Design, By David Holzel IN THE HEART OF TIMBER COUNTRY, BUILDER REX BOST IS SEEDING THE LAND WITH CONCRETE MASONRY HOMES The word most often associated with North Carolina’s Triangle region is wood—wood furniture, plywood and, naturally, wood-framed homes. So a builder who uses a load bearing concrete masonry frame sys- tem for his…

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