One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is being part of a team that operates efficiently and collaboratively. I think most people would agree that ambitious goals are more fun to tackle when you have a great team surrounding you to bring out the highest potential and ensure the best possible result, and we at Bost Homes have a phenomenal supportive team.

Building a top quality custom home requires working with the client through thousands of decisions and solving hundreds of little puzzles along the way. This sounds daunting, but the combination of our highly capable team members working together ensures that we finish projects in a timely manner while advocating our quality standards and delivering excellent customer service.

Staci in front of Fountain

We want to recognize one individual in particular who is an integral and highly effective element of our process; Staci Beard.  Staci’s role has evolved substantially over the last 2 years, as she has taken on additional projects and responsibilities, growing her reach and impact within our company. She is our Selections Coordinator, and a vital liaison between our clients, vendors, subs and Project Managers regarding the details of each project’s selections from breaking the ground to handing over the keys.

Her professional communication and attention to detail helps our clients make the best possible choices given the many nuanced decisions required in designing a custom home.  While she engages clients and consults with them on their selections, our managers in the field are focusing on what they do best: crafting a quality house.  Staci meets weekly with every PM to debrief on the status of each home, each bringing important information to the table, promoting synergy, reducing redundancy, and keeping everyone on the same page.  Together they proactively analyze the schedules and budgets, in order to identify any potential speed bumps along the way.

Staci and Pedro

Staci's award

We took time during one of our recent staff meetings to show Staci our appreciation.  Every team member shared their favorite part of working with her, and the comments and recognition brought her close to tears.  “You bring Bost Homes to another level – your ability to take care of our clients and get involved in the details; it brings us a step above most builders out there.” said Rex Bost during the meeting.  One of our Project Managers, Jim added, “You are a lifesaver, and I can’t imagine doing this job without you”.

Rex and Brenda shared that even during the interviewing process, Staci stood out from the other candidates in terms of professionalism, commitment, and demeanor.  They added that they are more confident knowing that she is on board and tuned in.  Pedro Martinez, one of our PMs suggested that we change her title to ‘Titanium Woman’ to surpass his own nickname of ‘Iron Man’.

All in all, her attentive work ensures that we build our homes to our best possible Bost standard, and most importantly to the utmost satisfaction of our clients. So congratulations to Staci Beard for being a Super Star Employee!  Just call her “Super Stace”.