New technologies in lighting design has disruptively changed the way we can illuminate our homes. The rapid expansion of LED technology in lighting decor has unveiled new possibilities, allowing multiple layers and types of light sources to be placed where traditionally a unidimensional approach would have sufficed. Now instead of having to design lighting around the bulky incandescent or halogen bulb, lighting designers are free to dream up wildly creative apparatuses that incorporate different sizes and colors of LEDs to achieve their vision.

This shift is allowing light to be directed at focused task spaces without washing out other areas, while dimmed ambient lighting inconspicuously creates a mood. We can also add light to smaller places, and control color and functional “scenes” through home automation apps.

Tunable White

Tunable White is a fascinating new technology that allows homeowners to dial in color tones of white light ranging from very warm 2000k, akin to firelight, to much cooler 4000k, reminiscent of sunlight. These tone selections are independent of dimness and can be controlled by a touch remote or by 2 simple dimmers, one controlling tone and the other controlling brightness.


The warm, soft glow of this master bath can be tuned to produce much brighter white light, i.e. for cleaning.

Tiny Lights

Tape LEDs and even fiber optics are allowing us to squeeze light into new spaces, such as small overhangs, cabinets, and drawers.


Tape lights run above and beneath cabinets and ledges for an overall kitchen glow while recessed overhead lights provide task lighting. Photos from an informative article on