As they say, it’s the most wonderful [and fast-paced] time of the year! Although this year seems to be busier than usual, our team has taken some time to put work on the back-burner so that we have the opportunity to rejoice in each other’s company, socialize outside of work, and give back to our community together. We gathered as a team earlier this month for a scrumptious and relaxing dinner at The Angus Barn, which is more decked out for Christmas this year than I have ever seen it before.

Season’s greetings from the Bost Homes team! From the left, Rex, Evan, Pedro, Grant, Brenda, Eric, Staci, and Jim gathered in front of a serious Christmas tree at The Angus Barn!

After congregating around the cheese and pickle bar, sharing in wine and food, and indulging in the famous chocolate chess pie, we each drew a name of a fellow team member for a Secret Santa style activity. We were tasked with purchasing a toy that reflected the selected coworker, in whatever creative way we could associate the two. During our staff meeting the following week, we exchanged the gifts and explained why the toy reflected the team member. We then donated the toys to our local Toys for Tots collection site.

Our first round of Toys for Tots donations. Our bins are empty once again here in the office and we will gladly relay your donation to the charity organization.

As you may know, our estimator Eric Sherman has been a volunteer fire fighter in North Raleigh for over 3 years. His involvement there was the impetus for our Toys for Tots campaign, as his fire station is a collection site and he has been gracious enough to transport our toys there. This year is the 3rd year we’ve donated to his fire station.  Check out these brave guys doing good work for the community!

We’re proud of our fire fighting, gift spreading estimator Eric.

In observance of Christmas and New Years celebrations, our office will be closed the week of Dec. 26th through Dec. 30 and we look forward to starting strong for 2017!