Bost Custom Homes is a member of the Green Home Builders of the Triangle, an Energy Star Builder, and has on staff a National Association of Home Builders Certified Green Professional. These designations along with Bost’s commitment to green building over the last decade make us a great choice to assist any homeowner looking to improve the efficiency and health of their home.

Most existing homes in the United States would not meet the current building codes for energy efficiency. This means that the houses are leaky which not only costs the homeowner in increased utility costs but more importantly creates an uncomfortable home that is hot in the summer, cool in the winter and has poor indoor air quality. Bost Custom Homes is now offering the service of an “Energy Efficient Remodel” or consultation. With the current available tax credits for these improvements, now is the perfect time to improve the comfort and performance of your home. Bost Homes will work with you to gather the necessary documents and receipts to reap the benefits of these credits.
For windows, doors, skylights, HVAC equipment, insulation and roofing that are listed as ENERGY STAR may be eligible for a 30% tax credit, up to $1,500 per homeowner for all items combined. Solar hot water heating is eligible for a 30% tax credit up to $2,000, and with a photovoltaic system you can receive a 30% tax credit with no cap.

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The main culprit for a leaky home is a loose thermal envelope. This means there are penetrations, holes, and leaks between the conditioned space of the home and the unconditioned areas of the home or the outside. A 3rd party can perform a blower door test which will depressurize the house and measure the amount of air leakage. Once this is completed Bost Homes can evaluate how leaky the house truly is and make suggestions and perform the work to resolve these problems. This may include adding caulking, insulation, weather-stripping, and replacement of windows and doors. Also sealing the attic and/or crawlspace has become a common method for including these spaces in the thermal envelope of the home. There is a wide variety of “green” insulation products available that can be used to help seal these spaces without introducing unwanted chemicals into the home.

Another area that needs close examination is the moisture barrier of a home. This includes any areas that water can penetrate into the home. This starts at the roof, down the exterior walls and works all the way down to the foundation. All flashings of the roof and around windows and doors need inspection. Another common problem is gutter downspouts that may not be getting water away from the homes foundation. Water causes wood rot and deterioration and too much moisture provides an ideal environment for mold to grow which can make for poor or even harmful indoor air quality. Often structural problems like settling and sagging are caused by water penetration and once the source of the problem is identified and fixed Bost Homes can also repair the structural defects.

The last item to evaluate is the performance of the existing mechanical system and equipment. Often old equipment has much lower efficiency ratings than the current products on the market and in many circumstances may no longer be properly functioning. A duct blaster test can be performed to measure the leakiness of the homes ductwork. Leakage of 5% or less is acceptable but higher leakage rates indicate a need to better seal or replace old ducts. Addressing these HVAC issues can greatly increase the efficiency of your home and the savings will be reflected on the utility bills.

Bost Homes believes in promoting products and techniques that are healthy for homeowners and the environment. Allow us to assist you in improving the energy efficiency, comfort and health of your home with a consultation or “Energy Efficient Remodel.”