Anna, Project Coordinator

Anna brings strong organizational skills and a fresh perspective to the table. She is quick to communicate effectively , adapt, and find practical solutions on the spot.

  • What event lead to an interest in building?
  • Always had an interest in interior design but after taking woodshop classes recently I started doing DIY projects on my own condo and really fell in love with home renos/building.
  • What’s your role?
  • Project Coordinator
  • Where did you go to school?
  • East Carolina University
  • Where’d you grow up?
  • Greenville, NC. Just recently moved back to NC after 10 years in L.A.
  • Favorite Hobbies?
  • I enjoy hiking, biking, working out, going on weekend adventures to explore new places, and of course hanging out with my pups.
  • Hidden Talents?
  • I play the violin.
  • Favorite place to be?
  • Anywhere in the mountains, preferably in the winter months.
  • Favorite Meal?
  • I could eat sushi all day, everyday.

Looking forward to celebrating 35 years. Let’s Build Your Paradise